We Are Billions Of Beautiful Hearts

We truly believe that giving back is good for your soul. Over the last year we’ve had so many donations from generous hearts looking to make a difference in the lives of another.

We’ve received practice-wear including jackets and pants, costumes, dance shoes, toys, even school supplies that have been gifted to the various foundations and orphanages supported by Soul Dancers.

One of the recent donations we received was from a young woman named Nicole who lives in North America – it was a laptop which is something that over in Colombia, is considered a luxury and not a necessity that so many have become accustomed to having.

There is a school named Instituto Calarcá, located in a small town in Colombia, called Calarcá, Quindío, where a few of our volunteers teach lessons. Unfortunately, the children at this school are very poor and don’t have much. In fact, many of them drive several hours just to make it in for their schooling. We gifted this laptop to a young student named John Arcilla who academically thriving in his grade.

Below you will see the photos of John receiving his new laptop – he was so surprised at the generous gift he was speechless.

After speaking to some of our donors and asking them why they give – the consensus is the knowledge that you’re helping others is hugely empowering and, in turn, can make you feel happier and more fulfilled. Research has identified a link between making a donation to charity and increased activity in the area of the brain that registers pleasure – proving that it really is far better to give than to receive.

Proceeds from the donations Soul Dancer’s receives, whether that be a monetary donation on our website or through purchase of our official Soul Dancers apparel, as you can see, go directly to those in need. We have no payrolls what so ever other than the payments made to those we are trying to help.

Want to be involved but not sure how to get started? Send us a message on one of our social media platforms! Instagram, Facebook, or send us a message via our “CONTACT” page.

You can be the difference you wish to see in the world! <3 




Soul Food

Soul Food

Those who have been following us for a while know about all of the amazing work Soul Dancers has been doing all around the world. For those who are hearing about us for the first time, or haven’t had a chance to read through our blog posts documenting all of our latest initiatives, we are proud to give you the inside scoop on the impact we’ve been making in so many lives.

Just Keep Dancing

By keeping up-to-date with our posts, chances are you’ve been learning about all the amazing initiatives Soul Dancers has been a part of all over the world – specifically in several areas of Colombia. We support a variety of foundations with young men, women and children of all ages with the intent of spreading joy, and bringing hope into their lives through our incredible dance movement. Through the gift of dance and education, we aim to nourish their minds, bodies and souls by providing experiences that build confidence, self-esteem and a sense of happiness. Providing a safe space where these children feel comfortable to express themselves freely is valuable beyond measure.

Since Soul Dancers is an amazing dance movement brought to you by Limelight Teamwear, we’re able to work collaboratively by donating items from their collection – such as the Signature Jackets that were donated to the kids of 8T Arts and Villa Danza recently. The H.O.P.E group has also been so kind to donate costumes for the recitals and dance shows the foundations have participated in. There’s nothing like seeing the face of a little girl light up during dance class because she really looks and feels the part!

In addition, the children across our various foundations in Medellín, Colombia creatively colour and decorate a specially-made care label that is included with select Limelight Teamwear from their Evolution Collection. Limelight gives $0.20 per custom drawn label directly to the orphanages and foundations Soul Dancers supports, and $2.00 from every Evolution Collection Jacket sold is donated to the Soul Dancers Charity.

As a result of all the handmade care tags being created, our Soul Dancers group at Villa Danza were able to have team t-shirts made that they can wear during dance classes or even before a show.

Here they are pictured below with their new tees!


The Soul Dancers Group at Villa Danza has been busy the past few weeks practicing for a show at the Florida Plaza Shopping Mall in Medellin. There are weekly performances held there from different academies across the city, and this past weekend it was their turn to perform and showcase what they’ve learned in class, alongside the other dancers at Villa Danza.

The pictures below show the crew dancing a new hip-hop routine they learned and have been practicing– and as you can see from the photos, they did a remarkable job while looking like complete naturals on stage. The response from the crowd was magnetic, and it was easy to see how much they enjoyed the day.

When you donate to the Soul Dancers Charity, or purchase an official Soul Dancers clothing item – you are contributing to so much more. Yes dance lessons, yes education, yes healthy meals, but you're also contributing to treasured experiences that these kids will cherish and never forget.

Spread The Love, Spread The Joy!

Spread The Love, Spread The Joy!

As you read this, Soul Dancers is transforming lives all over the world. Funds we raise provide support and opportunity to hundreds of vulnerable young women, men and children.

Our mission is to provide an after school program for impoverished children consisting of a nourishing meals, English language training and fun, instructional dance classes. We want to share the gift and blessing of dance while bringing joy and hope to the people that need it most.

Pleased To Meet You....

La Posada de Moisés is the most recent foundation Soul Dancers has taken under our wing located in Medellín, Colombia.  As we’ve shared, you know this foundation assists 41 children in vulnerable situations with the necessities of a happy life. Today we would like to introduce you to some of these amazing little souls here on our blog.

First, meet Ismael Pabón Muñoz and Maximiliano Pabón Muñóz. Ismael is three years-old and Maximiliano is five years-old, and they joined the foundation on August 22, 2016. Unfortunately these two boys have been displaced twice, from San Luis and Belén La Capilla. Their father is part of the armed conflict and has dedicated his life with a mission to persecute the mother of his children, thus providing an extremely difficult situation for their mother to raise them. Sadly their mother lives almost hidden and wanted to seek help at the Mayor's Office of Medellín for protection for herself and her children, leading her to La Posada de Moisés. Isamel is very quiet, intelligent, speaks very well and at the moment is a very happy child. Maximilliano is very bubbly and playful. Both boys have adapted well to their new lives in the foundation, and look forward to the dance lessons and English lessons they receive each week.

Screen shot 2017-06-21 at 1.33.20 PM.png

Briyit Sofia Calderón Morales is a beautiful two year-old girl who joined the foundation on March 11th of this year with her two siblings. The parents of these children are street dwellers that got caught up in some bad habits and abandoned them at a young age. Briyit is a very extroverted girl, who likes to chat with anyone she meets – she has adapted very well to life within the foundation and gets along famously with the other children.

Screen shot 2017-06-21 at 1.33.29 PM.png

Nikoll Pacheco Pereira is three years-old and joined La Posada de Moisés on January 11, 2017. With five siblings, she is the youngest of six children. Unlike the other children we introduced, her mother is also at the foundation – working in the kitchen. Up until Nikoll joined the foundation, her older siblings watched her while her mother worked. However, this was not the life she wanted for her daughter as she was not cared for in a proper way. Nikoll’s mother decided to look for a job where she could keep an eye on her daughter and take care of her. Nikoll is a very smart girl, however, she is very stressed and eating habits are poor due to the difficulty she’s had transitioning into the foundation. Monday afternoons during dance lessons are the happiest time for Nikoll where she forgets all her troubles and is able to be a little girl again.

Screen shot 2017-08-29 at 8.11.36 PM.png

Jincela Rueda Sánchez is seven years of age and joined the foundation in February 2017. The youngest of six children, her situation is very difficult. Up until recently she lived with her mother on the shore of the Cauca River. One day during a flood on the river they lost their house, and afterwards their mother struggled to find footing. Sadly, Jincela’s mother packed her clothes in a sack and stopped her on the shore of the Cauca River, abandoning her with no place to go. Fortunately she was able to reunite with her brother at the foundation and has adapted easier because of this. Jincela is quiet and withdrawn, and unfortunately her face reflects a very sad girl.

Our mission at Soul Dancers is to nourish, empower, and inspire the less fortunate through the gift of dance. We want these children to not only feel happiness through our programs but an increase of self-esteem, self-worth and motivation to keep a positive outlook on life despite their struggles. These children are kind and resilient and they all deserve love. Isn’t that what we all need?

Join The Movement…



Your Kindness Means The World

Your Kindness Means The World

Soul Dancers is a charitable dance movement by Limelight Teamwear. Our mission is to nourish the body, inspire the mind and empower the souls of impoverished women and children through the gift of dance.

It’s important to express how very grateful we are for those who have donated or purchased official Soul Dancers apparel. We thank you for being a part of this amazing movement to give women and children the opportunity to enrich their lives.

A Warm Heartfelt Thank You!

It’s been a few weeks since we posted an update about our partnership with Army of Sass through the 'No Good Dancer Left Behind Campaign' (#NGDLB), and we wanted to keep you in the loop with our amazing success!

Sebastian and Yulie’s Visas were accepted and thanks to all the donations received through the #NGDLB campaign, we are elated to announce they will be visiting Canada to attend the Calgary Dance Teacher Expo from July 21st to July 23rd to further their dance education!

Sebastian and Yulie are amazing souls from Medellin, Colombia, who work tirelessly for Soul Dancers to help underprivileged children through the gift of dance, English lessons, art lessons, and so much more. Born and raised within the infamous “Pablo Escobar” region, these individuals have completely immersed their lives in dance when they barely had the means to do so.

The thought of traveling outside of Colombia was never a dream of theirs prior to connecting with Soul Dancers, as they never thought that it would be possible. This trip to Canada is an absolute miracle for Sebastian and Yulie. They will be flying into Toronto on July 15th to sightsee for a few days prior to leaving for the Calgary Dance Teacher Expo.

This is an amazing gift to help these wonderful individuals and to thank them for all the great work they do for the Soul Dancer’s charity and the impoverished children in Medellín, Colombia.

We cannot thank Army of Sass enough for their time and fundraising efforts. We love everything that you stand for!

One person cannot do everything, but everyone can do something – and what a world of a difference we can make when we work together!

Making A Difference

Making A Difference

There are 23 children and a baby living at La Casita de Maria currently, as they were abandoned by their parents or endangered by the environment in which their parents live.

Through the support of Soul Dancers, in the afternoons and evenings these children now receive dance lessons, reading and writing lessons, and English lessons. On Saturdays, there are dance lessons provided at the 8T Arts Academy.