Nourish. Inspire. Empower.

A dance movement dedicated to changing the lives of impoverished women and children across the world.


Our goal is to help nourish the minds, bodies and souls of the less fortunate through the gift of dance

Back home, our mission here will be to educate our privileged children here in the Western Hemisphere about the importance of giving and of being of service to others.

Our values consist of a passion for making a difference in this world, the desire to share of the gift and blessings of dance, the deep belief that dance can free us from prejudices regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation or religion and more importantly the longing for a more compassionate world.

Through dance and education, we can change the world. 

Soul Dancers is a charitable dance movement to nourish the body, inspire the mind and empower the souls of impoverished women and children.  

Our mission is to provide an after school program for impoverished children consisting of a nourishing meal, 30 minutes of basic English language training and 1 hour of fun, instructional dance. We want to share the gift of creative dance while bringing joy and hope to the most vulnerable children of the world.

We aim to employ vulnerable women to run the programs thus providing life skills to enable independence and self-sustenance.


you're currently making a difference in the following locations: 


"What do you want to get out of learning dance?"

Learn new rhythms.
Improve the rhythms I know. Develop more flexibility in my body. Approach this grade to grow in a proffesional level into the dance.
— Doreidis
My expectations are to keep getting more knowledge and to learn a lot to become an excellent dancer. I truly love it.
— Alexandra Salazar
Strengthen my body.
Distract my mind.
Learn to dance.
Strengthen my personality.
— Ximena