La Posada de Moisés

La Posada de Moisés is a foundation that assists children in vulnerable situations due to forced displacement. Currently, they are helping 41 children, 19 men and 22 women. They live in the foundation and only leave on the last Sunday of the month, to be with their mother or caregiver – leaving at 8:00 a.m. and returning at 6:00 p.m.

The foundation provides the children with a roof over their head, clothing, food, education, recreation and training, and most important of all, love. Love is a large part of what is missing in so many of these young lives.

The first group of kids had their first dance lesson on June 12, 2017, through the support of Soul Dancers – and will continue to have a class every Monday at the foundation. Within the next few weeks, a second class will be added. Monday will now be a day these children look forward to the most.

Religiosas de Maria Inmaculada Orphanage

Medellin, Colombia

Although Soul Dancers has no religious affiliations, over 50 teenage girls are being protected, educated and cared for by the Sisters of the Catholic Church within this orphanage in downtown Medellín. The stories of abuse that these girls have endured should be told – but for their own protection and care, will not. Soul Dancers has been providing two-hour dance lessons every Sunday since October 2015. An additional class has also since been added.

Thanks to the nuns at the orphanage, they have created a family where they live with the aspirations to be better people everyday. These young girls believe that dancing gives them the hope to fulfill their dreams. 

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Fundación Ángel de la Guarda

Medellin, Colombia

This is not just a house; it is the home of dozens of little girls with many hopes and dreams who are able to find the support they need such as education, healthy meals, and a warm bed to sleep at night, as their families are unable to take care of them. 

Every week, they receive English and dance lessons once a week through the support of Soul Dancers, which provides each little girl with more confidence to overcome their problems. This space allows them to have fun and live in a proper shelter far away from the risks they would be exposed to when staying on the streets. 

Some of these girls have been supported even after they finish high school, and have returned to keep working as volunteers to continue with their mission and dream of helping their little “sisters”.

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8T Arts Academy

Medellin, Colombia

Guided by an exceptional human being, Andrés Felipe Cardona, we started supporting what we call a “cast training group”, which is a group of young people who attend dance classes every day from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. The main objective is to learn dance techniques such as classical ballet, contemporary dance, urban dance, neoclassical technique, and Colombian folklore. This group was created to support young men and women who aim to be dancers but don’t have the financial means to afford learning at a dance academy. 

In addition to dance lessons, Andrés supports his students with psychological assistance, medical assistance, monthly transportation subsidies and dance garments.

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El Bohío de María

Copacabana, Colombia

Located in Copacabana, a town next to Medellín, El Bohío de María is a catholic foundation founded by Jorge Villalobos, a Mexican priest who came to Colombia with the mission of helping people, specifically children, in need.

Within the foundation there are about 300 children living, studying, learning and sharing as a family. They are separated in stages so they can learn to be more responsible. While growing through the different phases, they are taught to be independent and resourceful when it comes time for them to leave the foundation.

On Saturday mornings, the children of El Bohío de María are able forget about their troubles and feel true happiness when they participate in dance lessons for two hours at 8T Arts Academy.

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La Casita de María

Medellin, Colombia

Managed by two women, Patricia and Doris, La casita de María houses 23 children and a baby who were abandoned by their parents or endangered by the environment in which their parents live. Patricia wakes up at 4:00 a.m. every morning to make breakfast for the kids so they can attend their school classes. Both women spend their lives with the intention of raising these kids in the best possible way. 

In the afternoon and evenings the children receive dance lessons, reading and writing lessons, and English lessons. On Saturdays, there are dance lessons provided at the 8T Arts Academy.

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Fundación Eudes

Medellin, Colombia

Located in Medellin’s downtown, Fundación Eudes is managed by a woman named Ana. There are 15 kids within this foundation, half of which have been diagnosed with Aids.  Though they are medicated and checked frequently by the doctors, they coexist as healthy children – just like those without the condition.

Most of these children were abandoned by their families because of their diagnosis, or because of the high expenses of treatment. Although these kids are discriminated against because of a condition that is beyond their control, they are the happiest you will ever meet.

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Villa Danza

Medellin, Colombia

Villa Danza is a dance academy with a group of boys and girls that are kind and humble, who come from poor areas of the city where they are exposed to many kinds of mistreatment and violence. Fortunately with the help of one of their guardian angels, Ana Elisa, and their incredible teacher Juan Carlos, they have the opportunity to be in a safe place every week, with the opportunity to learn many different types of dance. Soul Dancers ensures these children receive a healthy meal, transportation support and a couple of hours of dance training weekly. This is so important for them, especially for the boys that come from a cultural background where choosing dancing over soccer or a typical “manly” activity is not accepted. 

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Los Discipulos de Jesús

Medellin, Colombia

We would like to introduce you to the new foundation Soul Dancers is blessed to be involved with, "Los Discipulos de Jesús".

The children within this organization unfortunately have cancer, and come from many different cities in Colombia, all the way to to Medellín in order for treatment.

Los Discipulos de Jesús is a private foundation that runs based on the generous donations of the public and reprisal of the children’s mothers that help with cooking and cleaning. Currently there are five kids housed at the foundation with their mothers, and two more in the hospital receiving treatment. Sadly, six children that have been in and out of the establishment over the last year have passed away.

Our family at Soul Dancers is beginning to help these children through dance lessons, art lessons, and English lessons to bring some light into their lives. We will also be assisting by means of psychological support for Mothers of these children as well. To watch your child suffer through such a terrible disease is difficult enough, but to leave your home, husbands and in a lot of cases, your other kids is unbearable at times. Their children have strong hearts, but their bodies and immune systems are weak due to the cancer. These families stay in Medellín for one year, but in certain cases there is a chance of relapse and they must return for treatment.

We are so thrilled to be able to work with these children and make a positive impact on their lives. Please stay tuned on our journey to share the gift of creative dance while bringing joy and hope to the most vulnerable children of the world.