Soul Food

Those who have been following us for a while know about all of the amazing work Soul Dancers has been doing all around the world. For those who are hearing about us for the first time, or haven’t had a chance to read through our blog posts documenting all of our latest initiatives, we are proud to give you the inside scoop on the impact we’ve been making in so many lives.

As of late, our work has led us prominently to various areas of Colombia, specifically the city of Medellín, where there is an abundance of poverty and violence. We are assisting at the following foundations to-date:


At Soul Dancers we aim to nourish the body, inspire the mind and empower the souls of impoverished women and children.­  We do this by providing an after school program consisting of nourishing meals, English lessons and Art lessons, one hour of instructional dance – in addition to transportation at times for some of the foundations that are outside the vicinity of Medellín.

We also have some of the children participating solely in art classes at one foundation in particular, Fundación Discipulos de Jesús. Unfortunately as shared in our previous stories, these children within this organization have cancer, and come from many different cities in Colombia, all the way to Medellín in order for treatment. Although they do not have the physical means to take part in regular dance lessons, they’re able to express themselves through the art they delightfully create each week.

Our founder Steve, who is also the owner of Limelight Teamwear, has always felt the need to connect this business to a higher purpose and give back to those who are less fortunate. Year after year, as Soul Dancers grows and continues to spread love, happiness and the joy of this amazing art form, we’re able touch the hearts and souls of hundreds of children, young women and men ranging from infancy right up to early teenage years.

We also have many of the children participate in our Care Tag program, where they creatively decorate care-labels for select Limelight Teamwear apparel. Limelight gives $0.20 cents per custom drawn label directly to the orphanages and foundations we support. In addition, $2.00 from every Evolution Collection Jacket sold is donated to our Soul Dancers Charity.

Soul Dancers is collectively supporting over 200 underprivileged girls and boys in Colombia, and every penny of money raised goes directly to the children. We rely on the generous donations from our followers, as well as the funds raised from purchasing our official Soul Dancers apparel. We hope by continuing to share our remarkable initiatives and outreach that we can continue to grow leaps and bounds.

If you feel inspired to help us with our efforts, click DONATE from the menu bar, or click SHOP to purchase your very own Soul Dancers apparel. We’re all just trying to spread the love and spread the positivity in hopes of igniting a chain reaction of charitable giving across the world!