Welcome To The Family

On our recent visit to Fundación Eudes, we had the privilege of meeting the newest (and most adorable) additions to this remarkable foundation. Meet Dalian who is 23 months old, and Victoria who is two-months old. These two babies are unfortunately HIV diagnosed.

As you know from our previous blog posts, to-date there are 15 kids that live at Fundación Eudes, half of which have the same HIV/AIDS diagnosis. Ana, the manager of the foundation, welcomes each and every child with open arms – between herself and her amazing team they provide support physically, emotionally and spiritually to guide them through their lives and the obstacles they’re facing.

There are also doctors that regularly monitor the children and have created tailored treatment plans so they can coexist normally and like young children should live – happy with not a care in the world!

This space at Fundación Eudes allows all of the children to maintain a proper shelter far away from the risks they would be exposed to when staying on the streets. A major factor that distinguishes HIV/AIDS from another chronic or terminal illness is the stigma. Many of these kids have been abandoned because of their life expectancy, the shame associated with the disease and due to the high expenses of the treatment.

At Soul Dancers we pride ourselves on our efforts to change the lives of children, young women and men through this wonderful gift of dance.

In this light, on a weekly basis, one of our dance teachers who is also a child psychologist, Santiago, spends the afternoons with two groups of kids at Fundación Eudes to teach dance lessons and bring a little sunshine to their day and their weeks. Santiago will tell you first-hand they are the happiest and most high-spirited children you will ever meet.

All of these kids are walking examples of how children can live joyful, positive and fulfilling lives despite conditions that are beyond their control.

So when we’re asked where the Soul Dancers donations we receive are allocated, we can tell you whole heartedly they go directly to these children. It funds dance lessons, English reading and writing lessons, nourishing meals, and at times transportation to bring the kids back and forth from their foundations to the dance schools. More importantly, it goes towards a smile on a child’s face – which as you can see from these photos, says a thousand words.

We have no doubt little Dalian and Victoria will be participating in weekly dance lessons with us in no time.

XO Your Soul Dancers Team