An Update on Los Discipulos de Jesús

Recently we introduced you to the children of Los Discipulos de Jesús, a private foundation in Medellín, Colombia that runs based on the generous donations of the public to house children that have cancer and their families. These children and most times, their mothers, move to Los Discipulos de Jesús for treatment that can take up to a year.

Back in December, Soul Dancers began the journey to help these children through dance lessons, art lessons, and English lessons to bring some light into their lives. In addition, we began psychological support for Mothers of the children to help them cope during these trying times.

Dance classes have not yet begun, as some of the children become weak more often as a result of their treatment. However, we have started the weekly art classes with the children, and what an amazing sight it is to see!

Andrés Felipe Cardona, and Soul Dancers very-own Sebastian Sabogal have been teaching their English and Art classes, and as you can see from the photos, all of the children are incredibly delighted and appreciative to have this time as a creative outlet.

Andrés said it best when he told us that since teaching these classes, he truly knows what the value of life is. These children smile with more strength and try to have as much fun as they can – as unfortunately they know all too well that life can be much too short.

Although we may never understand this horrible disease and why it touches such amazing people, the kids at Los Discipulos de Jesús teach us whats really important in life, and to make the most out of every moment, smile and laugh, inspire, dream and discover the world.

Our mission at Soul Dancers is to nourish, empower, and inspire the less fortunate through the gift of dance. We want these children to not only feel happiness through our programs but an increase of self-esteem, self-worth and motivation to keep a positive outlook on life despite their struggles.

Take a look at the below photos, and see first-hand how much your generosity and donations can make an impact.

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Kindness can change the world!