Spread The Love, Spread The Joy!

As you read this, Soul Dancers is transforming lives all over the world. Funds we raise provide support and opportunity to hundreds of vulnerable young women, men and children.

Our mission is to provide an after school program for impoverished children consisting of a nourishing meals, English language training and fun, instructional dance classes. We want to share the gift and blessing of dance while bringing joy and hope to the people that need it most.

Villa Danza is a dance academy that is made up of several young boys and girls who come from various poor areas of Colombia, including Copacabana, Santa Elena, Girardota, Envigado and San Cristobal.

With the help of Director, Ana Elisa, and their incredible dance teachers, they have the opportunity to be in a safe place every week, and learn many different types of dance.

The children participate weekly in creative workshops with Juan Carlos Arroyave, ballet classes with teachers Carlos Oquendo and Catalina Cano and as of recently, hip-hop classes with Karen Palacio.

Now, thanks to the generous donations and help of our supporters, we were able to share the exciting news with the network of young dancers at Villa Danza – they will be receiving English lessons two times per-week! The younger group of dancers will receive their lessons on Wednesdays, while the older group of dancers will receive their lessons on Fridays.

We’ve also been able to grow the community of dancers that regularly participate in weekly classes at Villa Danza from 20 to 32 children, spreading the positive impact in these communities even further.

Pictured here are some of the children from Villa Danza participating in a recent creative workshop, hip-hop classes, and their first English class that was held last week.

Check out some of the outfits, look familiar? Limelight Teamwear was able to donate several practice wear items, including Signature Jackets, Jazzy Bodysuits and Jazzy Leggings – motivating the students and allowing them to feel more confident during dance classes!

We’re so thrilled to be able provide these opportunities and spread hope, love and joy to children and families who so desperately need it.

Keep reading our blog to stay up-to-date with the changes we’re making worldwide!