It's About Making A Difference

We are overwhelmed everyday at the generous hearts we encounter through our charity work with Soul Dancers. A lot of people might think the meaning of charity means solely to donate a dollar amount towards the cause, but this isn’t the case.

In many instances so much of what we’re looking for is for people to donate their time and their hearts to help us make a profound difference in the lives of all the women and children we are so fortunate to help in many ways, shapes and forms.

The latest heart warming experience we wanted to share is with regards to a few of the foundations we support – 8T Arts Academy, Villa Danza and La Casita de María. Limelight Teamwear and our friends at The Hope Group were so kind to donate practice wear, uniforms and dance costumes to the kids at these foundations and dance studios allowing them to feel confident during their lessons and practices, and when participating in shows or recitals.

8T Arts for example, is a non-profit dance studio in Medellín, Columbia, and having costumes to wear for performances and practice-wear for every student is such a “luxury” to these dancers and is appreciated beyond measure.

Discovering new foundations and non-profit dance studios along our journey is one of the key elements of spreading the Soul Dancers mission of providing thousands of children throughout the world with the chance to dance.

Take a look at the kids at La Casita de María, as well as the dancers at 8T Arts and Villa Danza rocking their new apparel and costumes! 

We see you!