Your Kindness Means The World

Soul Dancers is a charitable dance movement by Limelight Teamwear. Our mission is to nourish the body, inspire the mind and empower the souls of impoverished women and children through the gift of dance.

It’s important to express how very grateful we are for those who have donated or purchased official Soul Dancers apparel. We thank you for being a part of this amazing movement to give women and children the opportunity to enrich their lives.

On that same vein, we understand many may be hesitant to donate to certain causes in fear that donations will not be given directly to those in need. Surveys show that lack of trust is the key reason for not giving. We want you to know that Soul Dancers is committed to having absolutely no payrolls other than payments made to those we’re helping.

We rely on your kindness and donations to help provide dance lessons, English reading and writing lessons, healthy meals, and transportation while providing these kids with a safe place to be who they are, without thinking about the daily challenges they face.

To put it in perspective, this is how donations and purchasing official Soul Dancers apparel can make a difference:

·   1 person contributing $15.00 per month or 50 cents per day pays for a one hour dance or English lesson

 ·  1 person contributing $30.00 per month or $1.00 per day (equal to one official Soul Dancers t-shirt purchase) will feed 5 hungry children a healthy meal

·   10 people contributing $15.00/month (again, just 50 cents per day) will provide a young woman with a sustainable monthly income

Soul Dancers is supporting over 150 underprivileged children through seven different foundations and orphanages, and we want to keep growing. In order to expand our reach, we need compassionate hearts like yours. Please click on the “DONATE” or “SHOP” tabs to help put a smile on the face of another little life.

If you are not able to donate, we are always looking for new dance teachers, ambassadors and community leaders to join our team. 

Please like, re-post and spread the word to encourage studios and friends to support our amazing dance movement that is making a mark on so many lives – and we’re just getting started!