An Update on Fundación Ángel de la Guarda

Every week, the children of Fundación Ángel de la Guarda receive English and dance lessons through the support of Soul Dancers, which provides each little girl with more confidence to overcome their problems. This space allows them to have fun and live in a proper shelter far away from the risks they would be exposed to when staying on the streets. 


Psychologist and dance teacher, Santiago Arroyave, who was mentioned in our previous blog post, also spends time with the children of Fundación Ángel de la Guarda on a weekly basis to evaluate their behaviour and monitor their progress.

We were happy to hear his most recent evaluation below:

“The little girls within this foundation have many different age ranges, from four to 14 years-old. Initially, this group of girls showed some significantly challenging traits such as low self-esteem, antisocial behaviour, and difficulty co-existing in society due to certain situations they have been exposed to at such a young age.

I sincerely believe that through Soul Dancers and the gift of dance, these girls have reinforced positive behaviours and thoughts that assist with their internal growth.

Dance as a hobby offers physical activity, growth in motor development and strengthening short-term memory, while dance as a discipline brings all of these benefits, as well as perseverance, self-confidence and a positive development of self-image.

There are girls who ask for silence during a class to fully hear and be able to understand the movements better, girls who practice continuously until they master the perfect step, and girls who want to repeat their steps and routines over and over to enjoy the music.

The program Soul Dancers is providing for these children is a tremendously successful tool, not only for physical activity, but for positive internal growth and development.”


We love hearing these positive updates to show how Soul Dancers is providing so much more than just an after school program for impoverished women and children. We are bringing joy, instilling confidence, while enabling independence and self-sustenance.

We hope you continue to follow us on our journey to make this world a brighter place.