Words of Encouragement

Located in Medellin’s downtown, Fundación Eudes is managed by a woman named Ana. There are 15 kids within this foundation, half of which have been diagnosed with Aids.  Though they are medicated and checked frequently by the doctors, they coexist as healthy children – just like those without the condition.

Most of these children were abandoned by their families because of their diagnosis, or because of the high expenses of treatment. Although these kids are discriminated against because of a condition that is beyond their control, they are the happiest you will ever meet.

These children see a psychologist on a weekly basis named Santiago Arroyave who also works double-duty as their dance teacher. Santiago monitors and evaluates the children to diagnose and help resolve issues causing emotional or behavioural problems.

We asked Santiago to provide a synopsis of the attitudes and behaviours of the children at Fundación Eudes to determine how Soul Dancers is making a difference in their lives. Below is Santiago’s evalutation:

“Fundación Eudes has the youngest population of children out of all the foundations Soul Dancers supports, and they are all similar in age. From the time I started working with these children, they were very shy, but eager to learn. Nevertheless, similar to some of our other foundations, the children presented certain difficulties for the compliance of the norm, in large part due to their age and social situation.

The children belonging to this foundation have big hearts and are filled with joy, always welcoming me with a big hug each and every week. 

Out of all the foundations I am assisting, the Eudes Foundation class has adopted dance as a discipline the fastest. In just a matter of weeks, I have seen a huge improvement in their disposition, self-esteem and motivation.

They are motivated to review the choreography in their free time, and are stretching and practicing consistently to achieve their goals. Every student takes advantage of the time we spend together each week, and they have shown a tremendous aspect of growth, positivity and enlightened spirit. I have no doubt that they will grow into amazing people, who are kind and more compassionate to others.”

It warms our hearts to hear that Soul Dancers is encouraging these wonderful children that deserve to be happy. They are so appreciative to know that somebody cares.

To all of our supports that have donated their time or their funds, please know you are making a profound difference. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!