Making A Difference

There are 23 children and a baby living at La Casita de Maria currently, as they were abandoned by their parents or endangered by the environment in which their parents live.

Through the support of Soul Dancers, in the afternoons and evenings these children now receive dance lessons, reading and writing lessons, and English lessons. On Saturdays, there are dance lessons provided at the 8T Arts Academy.

Juan Sebastian, who we mention often in our previous posts, runs every aspect of Soul Dancers in Colombia including personnel issues, schedule coordination, and food and supply purchasing. Not only does he handle these aspects, but he also teaches English lessons to many of the children in the foundations we support.

Before Juan Sebastian began teaching and assisting at La Casita de Maria, the experience was not a positive one to tell. Many of the kids had been abandoned and surrounded by violence. Unfortunately, they do not have the same luxuries that we do here in North America. There is an extreme lack of opportunity and high levels of poverty in Colombia, and because of this, they felt hopeless and had extremely low self-esteem.

Sebastian has been working with these children for many months now, and last week he asked them all to participate in an activity where they write down words they would use to describe themselves. What an amazing sight it was to see looking down at words like “happy”, “smart” and “funny”.

Soul Dancers is providing these children with new experiences that put a smile on their face and instill confidence, self-expression and joy. This story truly made our hearts smile and we hope it touches your soul the way it’s touched ours.

The only difference between the poor and those of us who live in more affluent countries is luck. Despite the wonderful stories of the disadvantaged transcending their horrific life situations, it still remains a fact that the only difference between us is where we were born and a different myriad of circumstances. When we realize that we are the lucky ones, then perhaps our hearts will become more compassionate and willing to help those less fortunate. 

Philanthropy doesn’t have to be grandiose. Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness no matter how slight, can help change the world.