An Update On Villa Danza

We will always have a special place in our hearts for the Villa Danza Academy in Colombia, as these were the first kids Soul Dancers met on our journey. This group of boys and girls are incredibly kind and humble, despite the difficult conditions they live in.

As they come from poor areas of the city that are exposed to mistreatment and violence, these children are not in a position to pay for dance lessons, or a safe place where they can escape their everyday troubles. They are grateful for their guardian angel, Ana Elisa and their incredible dance teacher, Juan Carlos.

Soul Dancers ensures these kids receive a healthy meal, transportation support and a couple of hours of dance training weekly. The older kids receive their dance lessons on Wednesdays, while the younger kids receive theirs on Saturdays.

This past week, both classes were able to experiment a new style of dancing, with aerial silk – which is performing aerial acrobatics while hanging from a fabric.

As you can see in the photos below, all of the children had an amazing time experimenting with this new dance style. Trying something new increases their confidence, and brings joy while creating a healthy and vibrant atmosphere.

Our hope is to continue to inspire the boys and girls of Villa Danza, and the children of all the orphanages and foundations we support, with your help,  for many years to come.