La Posada de Moisés

Soul Dancers is expanding our reach once again – we are now supporting a new foundation called La Posada de Moisés. This is another positive step towards our goal of trying to help and inspire these young children in need through the gift of dance.

It’s so important to realize that Soul Dancers is providing these kids with so much more than just dance lessons. We are building their confidence, their self-esteem and giving them hope that they can follow their dreams no matter how big they are, and no matter where they might lead.

La Posada de Moisés is a foundation that assists children in vulnerable situations due to forced displacement. Currently, they are helping 41 children, 19 men and 22 women. These children, women and men live in the foundation and only leave on the last Sunday of the month, to be with their mother or caregiver – leaving at 8:00 a.m. and returning at 6:00 p.m.

The foundation provides the children with a roof over their head, clothing, food, education, recreation and training, and most important of all, love. Love is a large part of what is missing in so many of these young lives.

La Posada de Moisés runs solely on the donations of their very generous supporters in the community. In the near future, there will be a new headquarters which will be built in the San Cristóbal village of Colombia, where 224 children will be taken care of. Once the new location is built, the current location will be designated to serve children with terminal illnesses.

The first group of kids had their first dance lesson on June 12, 2017, through the support of Soul Dancers, and will continue to have a class every Monday at the foundation. Within the next few weeks, a second class will be added each week. Monday will now be a day these children look forward to the most.

It is through your donations and compassion that we’re able to expand our reach. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of impoverished women and children around the world.

In that spirit, let us remember that there is only one thing that separates us from those who live in poverty; luck – and nothing else. Join our movement to make a difference – because it’s amazing what can be achieved when we work together!