Los Discipulos de Jesús

We would like to introduce you to the new foundation Soul Dancers is blessed to be involved with, "Los Discipulos de Jesús".

The children within this organization unfortunately have cancer, and come from many different cities in Colombia, all the way to to Medellín in order for a treatment that takes up to one year.

Los Discipulos de Jesús is a private foundation that runs based on the generous donations of the public and reprisal of the children’s mothers that help with cooking and cleaning. Currently there are five kids housed at the foundation with their mothers, and two more in the hospital receiving treatment. Sadly, six children that have been in and out of the establishment over the last year have passed away.

Our family at Soul Dancers is beginning to help these children through dance lessons, art lessons, and English lessons to bring some light into their lives. We will also be assisting by means of psychological support for Mothers of these children as well. To watch your child suffer through such a terrible disease is difficult enough, but to leave your home, husbands and in a lot of cases, your other kids is unbearable at times. Their children have strong hearts, but their bodies and immune systems are weak due to the cancer. These families stay in Medellín for one year, but in certain cases there is a chance of relapse and they must return for treatment.

We are so thrilled to be able to work with these children and make a positive impact on their lives. Please stay tuned on our journey to share the gift of creative dance while bringing joy and hope to the most vulnerable children of the world.