When I Grow Up...

The beautiful children of La Casita de Maria receive weekly English lessons in addition to their dance classes, because here at Soul Dancers we not only want to provide the gift of dance to nourish, empower and inspire – but we want to ensure these children have all the wonderful opportunities and experiences available to them as they develop so they can flourish in life.


During their recent English class, many of the children were expressing to Sebastian Sabogal, their English teacher and Logistics Coordinator at Soul Dancers, what they wanted to be when they grow up. Some children expressed they wanted to be doctors and lawyers, others soccer players, a musician was mentioned and even a chef!

Sebastian loved hearing all of their aspirations and had a brilliant idea....why not bring a different representative of each of these career paths, to talk to the kids and answer any questions they have about their jobs? It was then that a light bulb went off. Not only would this experience inspire the children, it would give them motivation, self-confidence and the hope they need to know they can do anything they set their minds to, and be whoever they choose to be in life.

This past week Sebastian invited a friend who is a doctor in Medellín, named Juliana. The kids talked to her for hours asking many questions about her career, with pure excitement and joy on their faces. Although the children were very pleased to be able to meet Juliana, more than anything, they were excited to have a new visitor come to the foundation, as this doesn’t happen regularly. 

Over the next few weeks Sebastian has invited a chef and musician to come and visit the kids and speak to their career path (we are still working on the soccer player).

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Thank you in advance for your generous hearts.