A Heartfelt Thank You to h.o.p.e.

Our heartfelt thanks from Soul Dancers Charity to the H.O.P.E Group who raised and donated over $5000! Having met many of the young people who form the H.O.P.E Group, I can say that it is these youth that will be the leaders of tomorrow. That bodes well for all of us who yearn for change in this today’s troubled world. From all of us here and all the children that will receive weekly dance lessons, English lessons and bus fares so thank you for making a difference!

The h.o.p.e. Group stands for H.onouring O.riginal P.erformers E.verywhere. Their goal is to inspire, encourage, motivate, mentor and facilitate, innovative change within the industry.

'The h.o.p.e. Group Kidz' are a unique group of young visionaries, aged 11-18 who aspire to learn every component of dance choreography and the fundamentals needed to create a show and charity event. Through the h.o.p.e. Group in studio program, they learn the process of creating their own choreography piece, running auditions, teaching it to dancers, costuming, and stage production.

They also create fundraising concepts and mini events for their schools and community to raise awareness for charity. They want to make a positive impact and change in the world! The h.o.p.e. Group Kidz have already held 4 Annual galas and successfully raised over $23,000 for charity,

with the help from Blake McGrath, Amy Wright, Shamier Anderson, Bruce Turner and Dan Clancy and cast from The Next Step. This year they proudly supported soul dancers charity, donating over $5,000 and helping programs in Colombia and Honduras. 

These young choreographers are passionate, dedicated, and determined to push the limits in creativity and to inspire others to give. They are very excited and proud to be a part of the soul dancers family!!

Find out how you can be a part of the h.o.p.e. Group Kidz to become a junior choreographer and to help charities like soul dancers! 

learn more at: www.thehopegroup.ca 

"We are so blessed to be in an industry that encourages us to hope, dream and Never ever give up. That everyone shares the stage with us. That it becomes a production of life. Our world is about sharing that journey".

Haylie & Kerry - h.o.p.e. Group founders