My Journey

Soul Dancers Charity is a dream and vision of an imperfect man living in an imperfect world and the relentless desire to bring joy and hope to the world’s most disadvantaged regardless of race, color , gender, sexual orientation or religion.

For the past 3 years, I have travelled to Asia, Honduras and finally Colombia in search of a more viable apparel production situation. I have witnessed poverty and hopelessness that if present here would cause civil outrage and disruption in the Western Hemisphere. I was struck by the lack of options and opportunities that were available to women and children in these countries and the void of joy and hope in their lives. I couldn’t shake nor deny the truth. My experiences touched a place inside me that would not allow me to forget. It touched my SOUL.

Despite dreaming big, I am not grandiose . I do not wish to be the face of the charity. Soul Dancers Charity needs those of you who are comfortable with the ‘limelight ‘ and those who are willing and able to think beyond themselves and want to make a difference in the lives of others. I want to share my vision and passion for the charitable work that needs to be done for our sisters and children of the world. I do not differentiate between our sisters and daughters here or in any other country. We are one.

We may not know it , but the quality of their lives very much affects and impacts the quality of ours. The only difference between those living in poverty and us is only one thing; luck! Nothing else. They were simply born into a different country and set of circumstances in their lives. When we understand this, we can then open the doors to compassion and the desire to do something positive, to give.

Change occurs only when we change ourselves. If we want a more compassionate and loving world, then we need to be a compassionate loving person. It really is that simple.

Most days I feel like the luckiest person in the world, to do the things that I love to do in my personal and business life. I cannot think of any other group of people that share the same luck and riches more than those of you in the dance industry. I truly believe that the dance industry will support this charity with the same passion and creativity that you have all been blessed with.

This is my journey but not my charity ... It is OUR charity and no journey travelled alone, we are all connected. I hope to somehow touch the souls of others. I hope you join this movement so that collectively it becomes a massive effort to change the lives of others through this wonderful gift of dance!

With Love and Compassion, 
The Dreamer